Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SSU October 28, 2008

It's been a wet day in St. Stephens, raining intermittently all day long. It was rather dark and gloomy. I haven't seen the sun all day...yet it was still there, obscured from my sight.

Just a few days after arriving in St. Stephens I received a call from home that our neighbor had been taken to the hospital. Testing revealed he had pancreatic cancer. It's hard to see God in a situation like that. Pancreatic cancer is almost always fatal, but we lifted our eyes and looked to the cloudy skies...and He was still there.

Our friend had surgery today at 2 pm. I just received a call. It was great news. The cancer was in early stages and confined. The surgeon believes he removed it all.

I can still hear the rain falling outside my bedroom window. It sounds so much better now than it did today. There's a nice sleeping rhythm to it. It feels like a gift...and it smells like life.

Quote of the Day
"For it is better for them to find you and leave the question unanswered
than to find the answer without finding you."
St. Augustine
The Confessions

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